Turkish Delight

The Turkish Delights line of products from Liri brings together exotic taste with a timeless appeal.

Boxes of Chocolate

The Boxes of Chocolate line of Liri products inspires delight and deep enjoyment of its tastes from a variety of flavors.


The Liri Wafer line of products combines crispiness, crunchiness and a variety of flavors to achieve a perfect blend.

About our Quality

Quality is a trait that is inherent in all Liri products. To ensure that our products and production processes are on a as high as possible level, Liri continuously invests in the modernization and certification of products.

Liri’s quality begins from the raw materials we use, and the utmost care taken to ensure that they maintain their needed qualities so that we get a final product that is as tasty as possible and coveted by consumers.

Quality and diversity

Liri’s diverse product portfolio means that we utilize different production processes.
Despite the diverse methods that we use to produce our Products, Liri remains highly committed to the quality of all the products.
Liri’s brands remain market leaders in quality.

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