Confectionery leader in Kosovo

As a result of multi-year effort to maintain our leading market position in Kosovo, and to continuously expand our palette of products, we have become the largest producer of confectionery products in Kosovo, and are a leading player in the regional market.

With more than 200 products, we compete in the market segments for Turkish Delights, Biscuits, Wafers, Chocolate, Bonbons, Tahin Halva, and Caramels. We maintain our superior position by both evaluating and acting upon market information regarding demand for new products.

Many of our brands have become mainstays and staples of daily consumption within Kosovo and the wider region. Of these, we lead with our flagship brands: Sempre, Krem Banane, Strudel, Praline, Buena Vita and Poco.

Innovation and Capabilities

With a completely modernized, and ever innovating production and sourcing approach, Liri operates in a sustainable manner which fuels our growth and positioning within the market.

As a company that has licensed and implemented the highest quality standards and technological processes in supplies processing, confectionery production and packaging we have managed to create the perfect amalgamation between high quality human resources and cutting edge technology deployments.